Monday, February 7, 2011

Secret Sisters

In January the Women’s Ministry at our church started the New Year with a sign up for Secret Sisters.  I wasn’t going to do it but at the last minute of the last day to sign up I changed my mind and filled out the form. 

I received my packet with the information for my Secret Sister and sent her a note card letting her know she had a secret sis and that I would be praying for her.  I don’t know my secret sister outside of church, so I just pray, asking God to clue me in on what to write in her cards, what kinds of things might bring a smile to her face and I go with it.  I may not know the lady but God knows everything about her and if I’m sensitive to His leading and ask Him to help me be creative then what I share will be exactly what she needs at the time.

Yesterday I arrived at church and found a gift waiting for me from my Secret Sister, the person who received my name.  She had left me a candy bouquet and a card for Valentine Day.  It was a sweet surprise on a snowy Sunday morning and brought a smile to my face.  What a blessing to know someone is praying for you and thinking about you. 

Continuing with my Gratitude list:
171.  Visiting with a friend from far, far away.
172.  Wii “Just Dance” and laughing till my sides ache.
173.  Tucked inside while a blizzard blows outside.
174.  Learning how to use my new sewing machine.
175.  Completed projects.
176.  Shoveling snow with joy in my heart.
177.  Shared prayers.
178.  Hot tea and blue berry muffins.
179.  Chatting way into the wee hours of the night.
180.  The artistry of wind sculpted snow.
181.  Sunshine after a blizzard.
182.  The word “blizzard”…who thought that up?
183.  Cuddl Duds when the wind chill is below zero.
184.  A new hand lotion.
185.  An inhaler for asthma symptoms.
186.  Neighbors with snow blowers!
187.  Losing in sword fighting ‘cause I’m laughing so hard.
188.  A friendship that God brought together.
189.  Sweet surprises from my Secret Sister.
190.  Seeing that my Babygirl has started a blog.
191.  The smell and feel of a fluffy throw right out of the dryer.
192.  A snowflake charm for my bracelet…commemorating the Blizzard of 2011
193.  A free gift with my perfume purchase.
194.  Hearing my son arrived safely home after being gone for a month.
195.  Seeing Bob at church after his angioplasty.
196.  The cherry at the bottom of my cherry limeade
197.  The group of people who meet every week for prayer meeting.
198.  The note I found from my friend when she left.
199.  All the laundry washed, dried, and folded.
200.  Hearing “Lucy-I’m home” when my husband walks in the back door.