Sunday, May 8, 2011

Snippets of a moms life…


“Mommy-Wayne!” (He had heard “Jordon Wayne” so much he thought Wayne was the word to say when you were angry.)
“I he’p, mommy.”
“I hungee mommy.”

“Play with me mommy.”
“I wuv you mommy.”
“Watch me mommy!”
“Night night mommy.”
“Mommy, hold me.”
“Mommy, I do it.”
“mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, can I…”
(Whispered in the dark of night) “Mommy, I’m scared.”
“Mom, you’re a good cooker-woman!”
“Mom! I have a new best friend!”
“Mom, why don’t they like me? Is it ‘cause my skin isn’t brown?” (speaking of some Hispanic boys next door)
“…can I mom? Can I?”
“Moooooommmm!! Holly keeps getting into my stuff!”
“Mom! I asked Jesus into my heart!”
“Mommy, is Jordon getting bath-tized?”
“Mom! Jordon isn’t playing fair!”
“Mom! I got the part in the play!!”
“Mom, everyone told me my drawing was the best.”
(In tears) “Mom, I said something that hurt her feelings.”
“Mom, will you go with me?”
“I’ll do it later mom.”
“I know mom.”
“Mom! I know!”
“Seriously mom…we were just hanging out in the park and that crazy lady called the police!”
“I’m telling you mom, if something like Columbine happened at my school I wouldn’t just sit and watch them shoot my friends.”
“I love you too mom. Bye.”
“Mom, would you pray for me?”
“I really don’t want to talk about it mom”
“Mom…she broke up with me.”
“Mom I either want a cherry cheese cake or a pineapple upside down cake for my birthday.”
“Mom, Steve asked me to the prom…yes a freshman can go to the prom.”
“Mom, I’m going to Kuwait.”
“Mom I think I’m suppose to go on this mission trip”
“Mom I broke my hand…well I got mad…I broke it when I hit the wall with my fist…yes I was drunk.”
I’m praying for you mom.”
“I’ll be fine mum. I’ll see you later”
“Mom, you and dad are the best parents.”
“Mom I’m going to ask her to marry me.”
“Mom…I’m not moving with you and dad.”
“I miss you too mom.”
“You’re my mum, you’ll always be my mum.”

It’s funny how while you’re living it-life seems to flow along like the lazy Mississippi river. Days slip by and you go to bed each night planning the next day or week without a thought that you can never grab the time back. When our children are young we look forward to the next thing…anxious for the day they can crawl, then walk, feed themselves, dress themselves. Before you know it they are boarding a plane for basic training or walking in front of you carrying the last box of their possessions into their new apartment. You realize looking back that time wasn’t passing like a lazy river but it rushed by like the rapids on the Colorado River during the spring runoff and you wonder to yourself how your children survived it…survived you and all the times you messed up, lost your temper, got too busy.

Being a mom has been the most fulfilling part of my life. I am blessed that God trusted me with two children even though He knew I wouldn’t always get it right, that my patience would run short, that I would too often try to do it on my own and forget to seek Him for wisdom and direction.

This Mothers Day my heart is full of love for my children Jordon and Holly. My eyes are misty and there’s a lump in my throat as I recall precious moments from their childhood that make up the memories I hold dear. Like every mom through history I’ve kept these memories in my heart and think of them often. I pray the good memories my children have of their childhood outnumber the memories of my failures as a mom. I pray that if they bear heart wounds that they take them to the One who binds our wounds and heals all our hurts. Most of all I pray they learn from my mistakes and are better parents to their children.

I love you Jordon, my first born. I am so proud of the man you have grown into…like your dad in a lot of ways. You are fiercely loyal and protective.

I love you Holly, my precious daughter and always my baby girl. I miss your face, your hugs and how you would encourage me.

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.


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